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Every guitarist needs videos of their performances and the Zoom Q2n may be your answer. Robert Cassard compares this handy musician’s camcorder to his iPhone X with outboard audio.

iPhones are a convenient way to capture video of rehearsals and gigs, but their sound quality is pretty lame. What if you could find a low-cost video camera that shoots well in almost any lighting conditions AND captures high…


  1. Good Vid! Can you tell me if the HDMI mini output gave you a good clean (as in no text, etc) live signal, or is that just for playback?

  2. The Q2N for sure. I've been using my iphone 8 also and I really dg that but I am also looking for more ways to streamline! Thanks for the video.

  3. I have a Q2N and have been fairly satisfied with it. Really like the audio quality, but thought the video quality could do with a bit of improvement. I see Zoom now has the Q2n-4K. From what I've seen so far it looks to be a very promising improvement video wise and may upgrade.

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